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SpryDog was started by Laura Campbell in 2012 as a dog sport photography service. Combining her love for photography and dog sports, Laura began taking photos at dog competitions throughout the Northeast. As an active competitor herself, Laura knew the importance of capturing those special moments between dog and handler.
In the Summer of 2016 Laura transformed the business into an online retailer specializing in dog sport gear, primarily dog-safe discs used for the sport of disc dog. The idea was to offer discs from multiple manufacturers all in one place. One of the most common comments she heard from new disc doggers was wondering what disc they should use and where to get them. Laura remembers being in the same position when she started and the process of purchasing multiple disc models, (all from different manufacturers), trying to find just the right one for her and her dog. SpryDog was created to be everything she wish she had when she first started in the sport!


SpryDog strives to offer the most complete, convenient, one-stop shopping experience for dog sport competitors and active dog owners. We want to cater to everyone, from world champion competitors to first time dog owners looking for a fun game to play with their new best friend. We want to share our passion for dog sports with the world and encourage dog owners to get out and play with their dogs!


Sydney & Tek:
Sydney and Tek were Laura’s first dogs that introduced her to the world of dog sports. You’ll recognize Tek as the inspiration for our SpryDog logo! Though both are now gone, these two dogs had an incredible impact on Laura’s life and are the reason SpryDog exists today.

Ripley & Tuesday:
The current product testers and research and development team at SpryDog. Both are Frisbee-obsessed, love life and remind Laura everyday how much joy dogs bring to their humans. (If you receive complimentary dog hair in any of your packages, you can thank these guys.)