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Ruff Land Performance Kennels


Ruff Tough Kennels are now Rough Land Performance Kennels.

They are the same built-tough, built-safe, built-smart kennels and accessories as before, only the name has changed.

We are proud to be an official Ruff Land Performance Kennel dealer and offer these great kennels to our customers.

We place orders and receive shipments periodically throughout the year. If you would like to purchase a Ruff Land Kennel or any  accessories send an e-mail to laura@sprydog.com

Below is our anticipated ordering schedule. This schedule is subject to change and is dependent on minimum order requirements. If you would like to purchase a kennel please contact us as early as possible so that we have an accurate count for upcoming orders.

At this time we are not shipping kennels and they will be for pick up in New Hampshire only. Pick up date, times and locations will be determined once an order is placed. Limited event pick up options may be available.

January 31, 2019 Early - Mid March 2019


SpryDog Kennel Pricelist

 Small Kennel - Single Door $136 $140
Mid-Size Kennel - Single Door $158 $163
Medium Kennel - Single Door $180 $186
Medium Kennel - Double Door (Front & Back $193 $199
Intermediate Kennel - Single Door $191 $201
Intermediate Kennel - Double Door (Front & Back) $211 $221
Intermediate Kennel - Double Door (Front & Right) $211 $221
Intermediate Kennel - Double Door (Front & Left) $211 $221
Intermediate Kennel - SUV (Slanted Back) $191 $201
Large Kennel - Single Door $256 $268
Large Kennel - Double Door (Front & Back) $275 $287
Large Kennel - Double Door (Front & Right) $275 $287
Large Kennel - Double Door (Front & Left) $275 $287
Large Kennel - SUV (Slanted Back) $256 $268
X-Large Kennel - Single Door $295 $311
X-Large Kennel - Double Door (Front & Back) $313 $329
Prices subject to change